Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic (MGCBC) June 5 – June 11

The FFMD Team will be at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic (MGCBC) June 5 – June 11.  Universally known as the leading billfish tournament in the Gulf, the annual event is known for its record-breaking weigh-ins – including the Gulf of Mexico Blue Marlin Record (1054.6). Paul and the FFMD team hope to make Read More

New Study Shows Billfish Should Be Kept in Water to Avoid Mortality

Did you know that it is illegal to remove a billfish from the water if you do not intend to retain it? Many anglers are unaware of this rule, but a new study shows that it exists for good reason. This is because it has been shown that even only a few minutes in the Read More

Saltwater Fishing Safety Tips from Fishing for MD

While saltwater fishing is generally a pretty safe sport, there are many things that can go wrong which can lead to injury. From hooks that get caught in your finger instead of the fish to the unpleasant results of sun poisoning, a saltwater fishing trip can quickly be ruined by an unintentional injury. Luckily, most Read More

How To Fly Your Fishing Flags Properly: Tips From Fishing for MD

The protocol for flying your fishing flags from your boat can be complicated. Depending on whether you want to sport a signal flag or a pennant, national flag or burgee, the rules regarding where and how they should be displayed can vary. Today, we’re going to talk about how to properly fly different types of Read More

Personal Drones Take Fishing Into the Future

Personal drones are quickly becoming a must-have accessory for the tech-savvy. Combining the fun of a remote-controlled machine with nearly endless practical applications, it’s not hard to see why drones are so popular. Savvy fishermen are getting in on the game and many are realizing the benefits of taking a drone along with them on Read More