4 Fishing Essentials That Every Offshore Angler Should Carry

During any offshore fishing trip, there are certain essentials you should always have on hand to ensure a safe and successful trip. By stashing the following items in a backpack or tacklebox, you’ll be prepared to handle any situation during your next offshore fishing excursion, even if you’re fishing off a friend’s boat or on Read More

When Lightning Strikes: Staying Safe on Your Offshore Fishing Trip

The threat of a thunderstorm can quickly turn a fun offshore fishing trip into a frightfest. If your boat is struck by lightning, the effects can be catastrophic: blown out through-hulls, fried electronics, and possibly even death. It’s estimated that about 1000 boats are struck by lightning every year: While this may not sound significant, Read More

How To Fly Your Fishing Flags Properly: Tips From Fishing for MD

The protocol for flying your fishing flags from your boat can be complicated. Depending on whether you want to sport a signal flag or a pennant, national flag or burgee, the rules regarding where and how they should be displayed can vary. Today, we’re going to talk about how to properly fly different types of Read More

Choosing the Right Saltwater Fishing Bait for Offshore Fishing Trips

When it comes time for an offshore fishing trip, choosing the right bait can make you or break you. Fish are highly sensitive creatures that use all of their senses when seeking out food, so it is important to consider how they feed when deciding what type of bait you will use to lure them. Read More