Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic (MGCBC) June 5 – June 11

The FFMD Team will be at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic (MGCBC) June 5 – June 11.  Universally known as the leading billfish tournament in the Gulf, the annual event is known for its record-breaking weigh-ins – including the Gulf of Mexico Blue Marlin Record (1054.6). Paul and the FFMD team hope to make Read More

Fishing for MD Will Be at the Annapolis United States Powerboat Show!

  From October 13th to October 16th, Fishing for Muscular Dystrophy will be in attendance at the 2016 Annapolis United States Powerboat Show! This particular show is one part of the Annapolis Boat Show. Not only will we be in attendance, but we will also be conducting a raffle with some amazing prizes! Are you Read More

Fishing for MD Will Be at the White Marlin Open!

  The White Marlin Open is a huge offshore fishing tournament that takes place in Ocean City, MD. This tournament began back in 1974 and the annual event has been held ever since. This year the tournament will be held on August 8th through August 12th. The prizes for this year’s biggest catches are totaling Read More

The Key to Being a Good Supporter for MD

  Being supportive of organizations like MDA and Fishing for MD is a very good thing, but there are ways that you can put your best foot forward, so to speak. All donations and help is appreciated, but sometimes people can go about supporting charities in a way that isn’t as helpful as it could Read More

Catch and Release: What’s the Story?

  A point of contention among anglers of all kinds is how often we should be employing the “Catch and release” philosophy. Should we always be letting the fish go when we’re on the open water, or can we keep certain kinds of fish? How do we know? Today we’re going to be examining the Read More

Putting Together the Perfect Offshore Fishing Survival Kit

Being out on the open water can be a dangerous thing when you aren’t prepared. We’ve talked about preparing for your trips and tournaments, but what can you do when disaster truly strikes? You’ll need a diverse survival kit to ensure that you can make it back to shore in one piece. Today we’re going to be talking Read More

The Joy of Giving to Charitable Organizations

When money is tight, it can sometimes feel impossible to donate money to foundations or other charitable organizations like MDA or FFMD, but there are some amazing benefits. Today we’re going to be sharing some of those benefits with you and it may allow you to open your heart and give to those in need. Read More

Coping with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for Family and Caregivers

  If one of your loved ones has received a diagnosis for Muscular Dystrophy, you may be feeling lost, alone, and hopeless. However, you are not alone. There are many families who are coping with this disease and together, we can cope. Finding the path to peace can be a challenge, but today we’re going Read More

Staying Safe on the Open Water: An Angler’s Guide

    Staying safe is an absolute essential when you’re out on the open water. The ocean can be a treacherous place, and when you’re fishing for big game, you could find yourself in a tight spot. Rather than leaving it up to chance, you can use these tips to optimize your fishing experience and Read More

Shark Fishing Tips for A Wild Summer

  Shark fishing is a very lively sport, but it doesn’t have to be a messy one. The proper handling of sharks during and after you catch them is going to lead to a lot more fun while you’re fishing not only for you, but for the finned beasts you are hauling. Would you like Read More