How to Choose the Best Pair of Polarized Sunglasses

A good pair of polarized sunglasses are a must for any serious offshore angler. They help to reduce the glare caused by the sun’s rays reflecting off the ocean water, allowing you to see clearly even in extremely bright situations. But how do you know how to choose the best sunglasses for you? Read on Read More

Fishing for MD Honored to Participate in MDA New Brand Launch

On January 29th, Fishing for MD (Muscular Dystrophy) was honored to participate in the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) New Brand Launch. Held at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the event was an inspiring opportunity to celebrate the work of MDA, meet other individuals living with muscle disease, and learn how MDA is increasing its Read More

Saltwater Fishing Safety Tips from Fishing for MD

While saltwater fishing is generally a pretty safe sport, there are many things that can go wrong which can lead to injury. From hooks that get caught in your finger instead of the fish to the unpleasant results of sun poisoning, a saltwater fishing trip can quickly be ruined by an unintentional injury. Luckily, most Read More