Personal Drones Take Fishing Into the Future

Personal drones are quickly becoming a must-have accessory for the tech-savvy. Combining the fun of a remote-controlled machine with nearly endless practical applications, it’s not hard to see why drones are so popular. Savvy fishermen are getting in on the game and many are realizing the benefits of taking a drone along with them on their offshore trips. Learn more about how drones are being used to make fishing more effective and efficient in this week’s blog.

Drones can make fishing more efficient, effective, and fun!

Personal Drones Take Fishing Into the Future

Using drones for fishing

Drones come equipped with incredibly powerful cameras and by flying them from your fishing boat, you can capture images that would otherwise be impossible. Many fishermen are beginning to realize the benefits of using drones to help locate shoals of fish that are near the surface of the water and to identify obstacles such as bait, birds, weed lines, and other structures that might hold fish. You can also use drones to capture images of your boat and crew in action that would be otherwise impossible. Best of all? Tweaking a drone for fishing purposes is an easy DIY: all it takes is a coathanger and some zip ties. For more on fishing drone news and ideas for how to retrofit your drone for fishing, check out Fishing Drones UK.


AguaDrone is the first drone designed especially for fishing

If you prefer not to tweak and adjust your drone to make it suitable for fishing purposes, the recently-released AguaDrone might be perfect for you. The AguaDrone is totally waterproof and comes equipped with sonar that sends a wireless signal to your phone or iPad, essentially turning your smartphone into a mobile fish finder.


Can drones replace fishing rods?

A creative and determined farmer in Texas recently decided to take drone fishing one extra step and caught a fish using only his drone! While drones probably won’t cause fishing rods to become obsolete any time soon, you’ll likely start seeing more of them in the coming years as more and more fisherman explore their uses.



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