Offshore Fishing Basics: How to Clean and Care for Your Fishing Rod

If you’re a new angler, choosing a new fishing rod is an exciting investment. You’ll be spending a lot of time with this important piece of equipment, so you want to make sure it stays in good shape for as long as possible. Fishing equipment isn’t difficult to clean and care for, it just takes a little know-how. Learn the basics of how to keep your fishing rod in its best shape in today’s blog, below.

fishing rod
Follow these tips to ensure your fishing rod stays in good shape for years to come.

Offshore Fishing Basics: How to Clean and Care for Your Fishing Rod

Cleaning your fishing rod

After use, wash your entire rod with hot water and liquid soap. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly to remove all traces of soap and allow it to dry completely. An easy way to do this is to take your fishing rod into the shower with you and give it a good scrub. After washing, examine the ferrules and ensure that they are clean. For male ferrules, wipe them down and apply a little candle wax or grease to keep them in good working order. Female ferrules should be kept free from dirt and grime: A q-tip makes this job a snap. After that, check your guides for scratches. Any damaged guides should be replaced promptly. A good way to check for scratches is to run a clean cotton ball through the guide. If it snags, you have a problem that should be addressed.

Caring for your fishing rod

Your fishing rod should never be stored by leaning it against a wall, as this can quickly cause it to set (aka warp). Instead, use a rack system to store between uses. Never lift your rod beyond a 90-degree angle when fighting a fish to avoid causing excess pressure at the top. Don’t be tempted to hang your hooks or lures from the guides as this will likely cause scratching which will negatively impact your casting (that’s what the hook-keeper is for). Lastly, take care to never hit your rod against a hard surface. By following these tips, your fishing rod will serve you for years to come!


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