5 Quick Saltwater Fishing Tips

Whether you’re a seasoned offshore angler or you’re new to the open water, there’s always something more to be learned about fishing. In today’s blog, we offer some saltwater fishing tips that can help make your next excursion a success. Learn more, below.

saltwater fishing tips
These saltwater fishing tips can help make your next trip a success.

Learn the Bimini Twist

For doubling the line to ensure a strong leader connection, no knot can beat the strength and durability of the Bimini Twist. Also called the Twenty Times Around knot, the Bimini Twist is able to maintain 100% performance under virtually any conditions. Don’t know how to tie a Bimini Twist? Watch this quick video for a simple tutorial to learn to tie one off in 30 seconds.

Choose noisy lures in turbulent waters

If you’re fishing in rough waters, a noisy topwater lure will attract more fish because they will be easier to locate. On calm days a smaller lure is better, but when the water gets rough then bigger is better.

Keep your lures fresh and new

Old lures won’t do much to tempt fish, so be sure to switch out your lures once they start looking worn out. Fish prefer lures that are bright and shiny, so always be sure to rinse them well after every use to help them last.

Change out rough monofilament

Your monofilament should be changed out often to ensure it’ll work at its peak performance, so you should always switch it out as soon as your line starts feeling rough to the touch. If you’d rather not replace the whole thing, you can also simply cut off the front section of your line and then re-tie your leader.

Soak your reel

Saltwater is heavily corrosive and can wreak havoc on your reel if it is not properly removed. To help your reel stay in good condition, get into the habit of soaking it in a bucket of fresh water for several hours after every use.


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