How to Choose a Saltwater Fishing Boat: Tips from Fishing for MD

Is it time for you to take your love of offshore fishing to the next level by investing in your own fishing boat? If so, you have a lot to consider. Many different types of boats are suitable for saltwater fishing, but they are not all created equal. In today’s blog, we offer some insights and tips on the important features to look for when choosing the boat for your offshore adventures. Learn more, below!

The right saltwater fishing boat can make your trips more successful.

How to Choose a Saltwater Fishing Boat: Tips from Fishing for MD

Make sure the stainless steel in your boat is 316-grade

Steel that is a lower grade than 316 will quickly become corroded from the harsh salinity of ocean water. Unless you want a boat that you’ll have to replace in a few seasons, steer clear of low-grade steel.

Check that the fishboxes are big enough

When you’ve made the trek for an offshore fishing trip, there’s nothing worse than having to cut it short because you ran out of space in your fishbox. Look for fishboxes that drain overboard rather than ones that use a bilge pump, as these get clogged with scales and other debris which can cause them to break down quickly. If you really want a pump, the diaphragm and macerator types are best.

Ensure you’ll be able to keep the boat clean

Angling is messy business and your saltwater fishing boat will need to be able to the handle blood, guts, and grime that come with the sport. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a boat that contains a washdown with enough power to spray away the gore. For offshore fishing, be sure to choose a boat that includes raw water washdown rather than models that use a livewell/washdown pump-share combination as these are generally too weak to get the job done and the pump tends to break down quickly.


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